Thursday, January 15, 2009


remarkable save took place when the airborne US Airways Airbus A320,hit a flock of birds and thus lost both its engines. the Pilot thus maintain a level of calm and governed the people on board.he tried to get back and land in the new york air port,but as he sensed that he was not going to make it,instead of making a land at the Manhattan,he guided the plane gently into the Hudson river keeping the plane balanced he did so.all the 153 passenger on board survived and no one was hurt,a high praise for the pilot is being given,a really commendable save.The pilot deserve a hero ovation.We will be delighted to hear your point of view,any comment is most welcome.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


many homes in EU are without gas when a dispute on oil prices sparked between the RUSSIAN nationalized company GAZ PROM,claimed that Ukraine owe it many million dollars,and till it dose not pays the dept,no gas will be supplied to Ukraine.the problem was that,when Ukraine was in soviet union it use to get oil at a very low price,but Russian is saying now,they are soviet union so Ukraine will have to pay the full market price for its gas,but Ukraine says it cannot afford that.So Russia decided to cut the gas supplies to Ukraine and thus they claim they have decreased the amount of gas being supplied to EU.but EU has said it is not getting any gas from Russia.many countries of Europe where temperature drops down to -20 degrees are finding it rather impossible to cope with the population's increasing gas requirements.Russia yesterday ag
agreed to the EU demands and said that it will resume the gas to EU but Ukraine wont get any of make sure this happened,GAS SENSORS have been placed at the border of Ukraine making sure the amount of gas flowing through both ends is the same.As Russia was saying that Ukraine is siphoning off gas from the oil pipe line that goes from Ukraine further west to EU.but Ukraine says it needs some of the gas in order to pump the gas further to EU,says its impossible for the gas to reach unless Ukraine pumps it forward.Russia opened the gas pipes yesterday and still EU claims no gas is reaching them.both Russia and Ukraine are playing a blame game,as the situation in EU worsens with time.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello World:

This is Subhendu Sahoo from India. I m very new to this Blogging world, so hoping for a great experience with you.